Wednesday, August 27

August TUSAL

It's TUSAL time.  TUSAL (totally useless stitch a long) seems really fun, so I thought I would join in.  You just collect your orts in some sort of container and post a picture of it sometime around the new moonish (which puts it at a nice interval with the WiPocalyse, which is posted every full moonish).   I used to keep  an ort container, but then just used the edge of the couch and periodically trashed what I had collected.

Back in the day, if I was stitching a project for someone, I would keep the orts from that project and put them in a clear Christmas ornament and give that as part of the gift.   Most of the time, projects were made with a variety of colors and threads (metallics!) and I thought the ornament rather pretty.

I'd cleaned a glass jar to use, but I think it made its way into the recycle bin, so I used one of my spare Ikea spice jars (I make brisket rub and taco seasoning in batches and keep them in these jars - this one had never been used).

It's pretty boring this month.  I've been working on the outlines in Ferret Knot, so that's just a whole lot of DMC 310

There probably won't be much in the stitching way for the next couple of weeks - I've got some major reno/update/whatever work going on in the kitchen, and I've got a gaming convention coming up, so things will probably be pretty tight/busy.  Whoohoo?

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