Tuesday, September 9

September WIPocalypse update


I have a bit of progress (huzzah!) - so here's the run-down.

I organized everything.
Even ironed it and put in into a better bin!

I stitched part 3 of my BoInk carpet page:

I made some progress on Celtic Ferret Knot!

Before - Page 1 & part of Page 2

After - Pages 2 & 3 all black is complete!
And here's my little bit of progress on Deco Spirits:


Most of the sparkly kreinik buildings are actually only half stitched, but at least it won't take too long to finish them off.  I was REALLY hoping to get this piece done by now, but oh well, kitchens.
Unfortunately, I didn't have the right kreiniks and had to order them.  I tried doubling up the #4 braid I had, but I didn't like the way it looked, so I worked on Ferret Knot while I waited for them to arrive, and then I started working on the kitchen renovations.   There's nothing like being covered in stain, paint, and tiling mortar and caulk to dissuade you from spending time stitching.  My hands were such an utter wreck (snaggly nails, scuffed up skin) that I didn't even want to to think about touching my stitching.  Plus, spending all of that time staining, staining, staining, sanding, painting, staining and tiling definitely sucks the life out of you ;)

As a total aside - having to find places that don't have high shipping charges for a couple of spools of kreinik wasn't easy, and it certainly made me miss having local stitching stores.  I tried a needlepoint shop that's not too far away, but they didn't have kreiniks small enough for cross stitching needs.

I'm looking forward to spending the next weekend stitching and quilting.   I plan on doing nothing except seeing a couple of movies, going to Drag Bingo and hanging out binge watching some TV :)

This month the question is:
Who is your favourite person to stitch for, or do you prefer to keep your stitching yourself?

I used to stitch things for all kinds of people.  I liked stitching things for family best.  But these days, I'm keeping almost everything for myself.

So short answer: No specific person.   Long answer:  Friends or family that I think will appreciate the work, but mostly I do it for me (the process and sense of accomplishment is the most important part for me, so the gift is just bonus, though I hate the deadline feeling).


  1. I like the celtic ferret knot. It is quite unusual.

  2. Thanks! I found it on the White Willow Stitchery (?) website.

    Fun story - I was in Montreal for a meeting/small convention 3 years ago and saw someone else stitching the same pattern there!


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