Tuesday, August 26


As the last part of cleaning/organizing, I decided to work on my storage for finished pieces.

Most of this came around because I had grabbed some stuff to frame, and thanks to the chaos that is my finished pieces bin, I had to do a bit of pressing just to get the piece unwrinkled enough to take them on the trip to the framers.    Then there's the whole "oh dear god, that is a lot of dog/ferret hair in there" and it just seemed like something I should do.

Most of the large pieces are wadded/folded up (I did an initial press and tried to keep things tidy but failed) in a small-ish bin (again, mostly a product of having moved several times and trying to consolidate space).   I know there are those really large under-the-bed rolly bins that would probably fit the pieces better, but I don't have a good space to put them (oddly, under the bed space is at a premium).

I went to Target, bought a bin, hauled the iron/ironing board upstairs, put on an audio book and went to work.

And then I discovered that one of the pieces was not color-fast and I have a right mess on my hands.  I'm currently soaking the piece in cold water/Orvus and changing out the water every few hours.  Hopefully I'll be able to rescue it, as I've always quite liked that piece (hazard of having pieces so old you can't remember if the threads are delicate and not keeping them nicely stored).  The fibre used was a Needle Necessities that was variegated with dark green/dark red and the red ran.  Everywhere.

But this is what I started out with:

Seriously, it's like a painful archeological dig:

And this is what I ended up with:

(Not pictured, is the original bin, which is now happily holding the unfolded smalls that don't need to live in the big bin).

The ends are curled a bit - but all of that is extra fabric, anyway.

I was also painfully reminded of my complete inability to center designs on fabric.  Oh well.

So I'm officially done with my reorganization/cleaning project.  Now, when I want to grab something, or think about having something framed I don't need to worry as much about making sure it's clean and pressed first, and I don't have to feel guilty about treating all of my completed pieces so badly.

And a bonus shot - my WiP slot (before and after the re-org).  There are still two WiPs downstairs (DecoSpirits and Miss New Year Fairy, which are the active and next up projects).  Clearly, I need to get cracking.

So neat and tidy and deceptive.
Everything in the proper place...
the goal is 6 WiPs in rotation. HAH.


  1. You can organize my craft room any time! No, really- I feel your pain, just got downsized to half the computer room so my DS could have his own room when the twins get here so all my crafty stuff is jumbled in a closet until we clean the new space and paint.

  2. Hah! I didn't realize how spoiled I was before! For years I've always had a spare bedroom/office/whatever to use as I wished and had plenty of space.

    Now that all of the craft stuff is crammed (mostly) into one small closet, I feel better about my organization, but I do wish I had a table or sewing desk somewhere (which I don't because the guest bedroom is smallish and already has a queen in it!)

    And I think organizing is probably more fun than anything (which is pretty useful at work, since we have to keep 3 years worth of records), but I definitely use the heck out of Ikea for storage!


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