Friday, March 14

The cuteness, it burns

BTW, I'm at home today, on Friday. My boss mysteriously went insane and gave us all two days off... Thursday and Friday. Only experiments don't seem to take vacations, so I showed up yesterday anyway. And today, well, gosh darn it, DH has the cell phone, so if anyone needs anything from me, it's a shame. Hah.

I started to work on Just Nan's snowflake thingy (you know, the one I've stitched before), only I stitched it two more times so I could try my hand at this biscornu thingie.

And OMG, is it not the cutest thing ever???

And by the by, there will be a button in the middle, I just wanted to put a candycane button or charm in the middle and the local craft stores are mysteriously out of Christmas Items. I guess I was surprised, because with CommercialMas, you would've thought they had the displays out by now. I mean, it is after Valentine's Day and all. For the meantime, I just put in a simple stitch with white floss until I find a button that makes my little heart glad.

Still, So cute! So fun! I forsee a houseful of biscornus in the future. They'll be like little cross-stitch tribbles. Bein' cute, taking up space, growling at Klingons and all that jazz. I even picked which one I think I need next.

Btw, great thanks to Annette's awesome tutorial, for without perfect and clear instructions, I am a lost little lamb when it comes to finishing anything.

Now I'm going to go spend the rest of my day fondling my biscornu while checking out how Bo is doing with his Mysterious Soap Disease of the Pancreas.

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