Saturday, March 15

Awesome finish from the internet!

I received my completed Lily Pond Dreams in the mail today from Laural!

It's been through two UFO-RR rounds and is done! It was one of the first pieces I started, and I was still in love with it, but I was really stuck. You know how it gets. I've been working really hard on my UFOs that I receive to generate good stitching-karma, and I was rewarded.

She need a bath and a pressing, but here she is:

I'm sending out another one I'm stuck on. I really want to work on it, but when I pull it out, I'll put a couple of hours into it and then just ignore it on the qsnaps. I bring you TW's Egyptian Sampler...

Pretty pathetic, huh? I started it just after it was released. And then apparently wandered on to something else. Maybe when I get it back from the UFORR I'll be inspired again, because I really want to work on some of my TWs (they take up a huge chunk of my rotation list).

Hopefully I'll have another HD soon, because I took a break after working on Life in Trees for 10-12 hours to work on another little piece that was just calling to me.

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