Tuesday, March 13

A Rockin' Happy Dance...

As is true to my premonitiony word, a newly hatched larval human form burst forth from my cousin's loins on the very day I was mentioning it.

Anyway, should I drown (although I doubt it with the lack of rain today), know it's due to my lack of ark building, because I felt the need to finish the birth sampler.

Here we go (and Dear Cousin has owned horses for years, is a huge horse person, and generally loves horses, so horse? Rather apropos):

I give you Dancer by Teresa Wentzler, with added words in the font from her Wedding Sampler. It's way bigger than I thought it would be (for some deranged reason), which means that it took longer than I thought it would take, but it was a lot faster than I thought it should take for a TW of that size. Make sense? Then you're crazy. Like me. HAHAH! TW did 6 Rocking horses, so Cousin can keep popping the babies out (though I doubt she'll have that many), also, because of the deranged amount of emphasis her husband is putting on the production of a male child, I'm totally going to stitch Sweetheart for any boys she has (top right corner)

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