Friday, March 16

Another day, another happy dance...

You know, I thought I would get to have this happy dance on Thursday. At the latest.

That'll show me. I thought if I were ambitious, I could totally make it late on Wednesday. Fool that I am. But Thursday seemed pretty easy. That would leave me Friday to work on Fortunate Traveller. But then I didn't finish this yesterday. Then I thought "heh, by lunch! Easy!"

I mean, come on, doesn't that braid look SIMPLE. SIMPLE!!! I Tell you!!! Fool, that I am. You'd think, since I've been stitching for 15 years now I'd learn to gauge my time a little better.

You'd also think that after a week of vacation I'd get something done besides stitching. Maybe a little playstation or something. But no, here I stitch away. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy stitching. I just expected more.

But lo! A happy dance nonetheless!!

So I was in a TWRR last year, and I had done a border for it, but then I was afraid that the piece of fabric I had chosen was too small. Honestly, I don't know if it was, but I'm afraid to look now, It may have been, it may not have been, but I'm happy I did pick another piece. But I did have to restitch the border, which is way more devious than it looks. First, I stitched my band (the one at the bottom, which should have really been at the top, but meh), which is from Persian Floral. It's done in the muted colors, only there is a mistake in the magazine regarding the backstitching instructions and I didn't catch it until after I'd done the blue in the flowers, but I didn't feel like restitching them. It's done, and I'm over it. I then did the braid and tassels, which are from Christmas Wreath. And then I did the letters from Harvest Sampler. So all in all, there's a whole lotta elements from different TW's, and I am just thrilled with the piece. I'm very very happy with it and I'm so grateful to everyone who put all of their hard work and thoughts into it.

Even better, I'm down another WIsP. Pretty "soon" I really will be down to the 10 projects I'm aiming for, and won't that be awesome.

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