Monday, October 17

October WIPocalypse!

The focus of WIPocalypse remains whittling down my WIPs (down to 6, eventually), and I've made some good progress!

I started with Egyptian Sampler here:

And finished it!  (lots more pictures in this blog post)

I moved onto Fantasy Sampler after that.... and it started here:

And here's what I got done:

Got this done on the Sunday we had no power thanks to Matthew -
at least it was sunny, plenty of light!
All of the vining and long stitching on the right side was done on Saturday!

I finished the vining and long stitching on the left side on Sunday!
And here's where I've moved the Qs... I somehow thought I'd finished all sides of the border, but I guess I was wrong.

I originally intended to go to SOCS in Richmond, but I hurt my shoulder at work and was feeling generally grumpy, so I enjoyed a quiet weekend stitching my little heart out.  I only regret not going a little bit, and I'm happy that I had 5 hours (it would have taken me 2.5h to drive each way) more to stitch.
I notice that it was the third weekend of October, which means I had an accidental IHSW!  woot woot!

I'm hoping to have this one done by the next WIPocalypse, and then I think I'm just going to free-for-all stitch for the rest of the year.   There are a few new pieces that I'd like to stitch up, and I think that getting two TWs out of the WIP pile is quite an accomplishment.

The question/topic for this month's WIPocalypse is:

What online stitching communities do you enjoy?

I joined the TWBB back in '96 or '97 and made it through several iterations.  I used to love the bulletin boards when they were active, but it seems that other social networking (Facebook in particular) might have contributed to the demise.  I like how easy it was to follow different threads and keep things organized.

Currently:  I love my blog roll, and while I'm behind in reading/commenting, I sometimes wish people posted more, or that people I used to follow would pick it up again.

I am a member of several design-specific groups on Facebook and a couple of general stitching groups (Stitch Maynia is my favorite).

I have Instagram and post things there, but I don't use it for following stitching stuff, just friends.  To be honest, after they went to their metric, I just use it to post and don't really look at it much any more.

And I see the current trendy thing to do is FlossTube (Youtube videos/vlogging about stitching), but I don't do videos, so I won't be watching or making.  Just boring ol' blogging and Facebooking for me :)


  1. Excellent progress on the Fantasy sampler too. Glad you didn't lose power for too long!

  2. A stunning finish and good progress on another very detailed design...I'd say you've earned a new start or two!

  3. Great progress! That 'accidental' IHSW really brought you forward. I agree with Justine, if you can finish this as well, you've more than earned yourself a nice new start or two for the rest of the year :)

  4. Oh Egypt looks so awesome. What a great accomplishment!!!!!!!

  5. WOW! WOW! WOW! Great finish and wonderful progress. I didn't even realize SOCS was in Richmond (I'm about 35 miles north) - of well, probably best I didn't. :-) Hope your shoulder is doing better.

  6. Great progress on this piece. The extra hours made a lot of difference.
    If you're after some new blogs to follow, check out my Hallowe'en Blog Hop this Monday. There are 25 people taking part so I'm sure there will be a couple of new-to-you!

  7. I love anything Egyptian. This sampler is beautiful. The Fantasy Sampler is also beautiful. Sorry you hurt your shoulder, but the bright side is the extra stitching time.

  8. Gorgeous congrats on the finish! I'm debating doing flosstube but haven't leapt yet 😁


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