Thursday, July 16

#TBT - Sue Hillis

I thought I'd throw in the three pieces I did when I started stitching again in NC.  I did these in late 2010.   I really liked these and I need to get them displayed.

When I first arrived in NC in 2009, I went to a get together started at the Lazy Daizy, a cross stitch shop in Raleigh.  I met with a few stitchers I had met online through the years (and ones I had met in real life, before hand, too!).  We also went to the French Knot, which was a needlepoint/framing place closer to the Arena.   I picked up a few charts, got a few threads for some pieces I fully intended on stitching, ate some lunch, and had good times.

I picked up a few little Sue Hillis charts - I love her post-stitches series.    One was "Burnt to Perfection", which is part of her pirate series (which I'm in the process of getting all of, because they're so freakin' cute), and the other was Wine a Bit.  I finally got around to them over the holidays in 2010.

Burnt to Perfection - I did this one as charted, and I stitched it on 25 ct ivory evenweave.   It think it was some of the last dregs of the 25ct I initially bought in 1996 when I purchased everything for TW's Castle Sampler (the start went badly, so it's been slowly gobbled up over time).

Finished 1/1/2011 - Happy New Year!
I really want to get this framed (with glass) to hang over the stove.  I know the charm is a little gas grill, but hey, you don't need open flames to make something... toasty.

Wine a Bit was started as a gift, which I then decided to keep for myself (haha!), and it was stitched not-quite-as-charted.  I subbed red and green overdyes from my stash for all of the red & green floss (as in, I used one red overdye instead of the however-many threads called for, ditto for the green).  I'm rather happy with how it came out, especially in the lettering.

 I have an entire wall decorated with wine labels (and wine labels decorated through out the house in other areas, too), but I was thinking of making this one into a flat-fold to put on my wine rack.   I'm not going to lie - every time I look at this, I get fixated at  how well my initials came out.

Both of these were really fun to stitch, and they always remind me of what a nice welcome I got here in NC.

Hopefully the next time I post, it will be with the next RR installment!   I had to cancel my plans for tomorrow night (well, rather the event filled up before I could sign up), and I think I need a break from the LadyCave, so stitching to a movie sounds kinda nice - of course, that could turn into playing Assassin's Creed pretty easily.   The LadyCave is coming along and I can't wait to get it a bit more organized to share pictures, I'm pretty close to the end of the second game.  I'm getting closer to finishing LadyCave, but I spent Saturday at a friends' place, helping the wife put in flooring and stuff so we could surprise the hubby with a new office when he came back from an out of town trip (total success!).

For this weekend, other than LadyCave work (driving the 4+ hour round trip to Ikea) and relaxing, I will hopefully have lots of stitching time.  It's getting a bit toasty out there, so I don't really want to do anything strenuous (I think driving to Ikea would be it).   Next weekend I'm at the beach for a wedding, and the following weekend, my best friend is in town for the Mead Festival!   Although, since LadyCave is also the guest bedroom, maybe I should work on that!


  1. Very cute finishes! I hadn't seen Burnt to Perfection, I think that has to go on my Wish list.

    1. Thanks! I do like all of her pirates, but the Burnt to Perfection was too funny not to stitch :)

  2. Oh, I loved the Lazy Daizy! And that skull is great!

    1. Thanks! I miss the Lazy Daizy, I wish they had not closed - I only made it there 2 or 3 times before I did.

  3. Wonderfully fun finishes! Love the skull ")

  4. Summer is so busy...but LADY CAVE and my jealousy still soars when I read that you have access to an Ikea! Sighhh, someday....

  5. I love Sue Hillis designs, especially the piraty ones! I'm glad to hear your lady cave is coming along well, but I also totally understand the urge to play Assassin's Crred for a bit :)


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