Wednesday, December 10

SALs for 2015

I think the most fun part of getting back into stitching is participating in stitch-a-longs.

That said, I feel like I only partly participated in a few last year, since I missed joining any at the beginning of the year, but this year, I'm already racking up a few SALs to participate in!

I am trying to focus on those that will allow me to work through my WIP/UFO pile.    I tend towards larger designs, so I'm not participating in anything that requires smalls or finishes... I also prefer to post on my own blog, so I'm not joining anything that makes me post elsewhere (though I do like watching!)

So far I have -
  • DESIGN SAL, which introduces people to designers every month.   Each month, you post a piece with a different designer - the deets are on the main page.
  • Year of the Magnificent TW for 2015, hosted at Sceal Teach
  • Measi's fantastic WIPocalypse, which is my favorite SAL.
  • YOTA (first Saturday, though I know with my weekend crazyness, I might miss a few)
And I'm hoping
  • TUSAL will continue (I even have plans for a new ort container)
  • IHSW, too :)
And I've joined a couple of Facebook SALs that are starting in January:
  • New Year, New Start SAL on January 1
    I'm stitching the stained glass Zelda Windwaker piece from SpriteStitch
  • Race to Spring SAL starting on January 5.  
    From January 5 to March 20, one should finish a WIP/UFO that has not been stitched on in the previous 6 months.  I'm going to work on either Fantasy Sampler or Egyptian Sampler.   Everyone that finishes is entered in a drawing.  I don't know if I care about the drawing, so much as I do actually getting a TW out of the way. 
And finally, I'm joining in on the 2015 CloudsFactory Mystery SAL.  It's zodiac themed, and their stuff is so cute, that it seemed like a fun thing to join in.  I've been wanting to join in with a mystery somewhere, but I'm always leery, because I'm not sure I'll actually like the end product.  I think I will like this one :)

I've already updated my tentative rotation for 2015.
I really like stitching large pieces in rotation until a certain "thing" is done, whether it's a motif, area, color, etc.  For Deco Spirits, it's easy - an entire block, for BoInk, it's a page (or three).   Some of the pieces are more difficult to define, so I can get "stuck" because I really like discrete mini-completions to celebrate, but I get there eventually.


  1. Oh goodie. I am glad you are doing the clouds factory SAL! I am not going to get the kit, but some really fun fabbie picked out for it from Sunny Dyes. I look forward to seeing your progress!

    1. I debated with myself, but went ahead and splurged on the kit. I'm feeling a little SAD and holiday depressed, I thought I deserved it :P
      Plus, I'm not a big "dark fabric" person, and I kept eyeing Gothic since it's so pretty, why the hell not? Haha.

  2. Except for the TW, we're in the same SALs. Look forward to watching your progress on the Clouds Factory project.

    1. Whoohoo! I do really appreciate all of these SALs and the stitching blog community. It makes stitching so much more fun, especially living in a place without any Local Needlework Stores or big stitching groups (and sadly, EGA meets on a night of the week I have regular plans).

  3. I like the SALs you're participating in, I think we'll be in much of the same ones :)

    With cloudsfactory, I'll probably get the pattern just to *have* it but not stitch along right now...


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