Thursday, January 4

Stitching Goals and Whotnot for 2007

I time-travelled my way back into early 2006 to look at my stitching goals:

Goals for this year:
1. Monthly Minis

Current Rotation: (goals for 2006 finish in green):
1. Celestial Dragon (TW)
2. Water Dragon
3. Emerald Mermaid
4. Phoenix
5. Freshwater Pearls
6. Fortunate Traveller
7. Fantasy Sampler
8. Egyptian Sampler
9. Lily pond Dreams
10. Celestial Dragon (pinn)
11. Enchanter

I need to finish:
A small Chatelaine started at a class in Houston (done before I even posted my goals!)
A canvaswork from Children's Art Project

As a potential "to do" list - it's up in the air, but here are some things yelling at me...
I'd like to clear out a bunch of projects that are hanging out... I have 12 boxes for my rotation, and I'm actually "working" on more than that, and I'd like to get actual (not just "official") WIPS down to 10. Call me wacky.
I'm also hoping to work on a couple of pieces I got as RAKs or gifts. Namely: Poseidon, and Ouroborus.

oh, and add to that list, I want to get some small Terry - Dimples designs done (they never take me long) and *FRAMED* for the dining room. Also, I have everything I need for Shiraz Sampler from Dinky Dyes. I switched the color and bought some gorgeous linen to go with it. I hope that one isn't too bad either.
Oh right... add the Fairy Roses Mirabilia, or whichever one it was that looked butterfly like...
So see? I don't expect much at all. Oh no. Definitely not much *heh* Oh right, I forgot about the TWRR.... yeah, that too (ok that I know I'll stitch - deadlines and obligations and all)

So here's what I actually got done:

I am *this* close to finishing the Monthly Minis. They actually got stalled because of a lack of floss in the correct colours. So I have two partial blocks left (Nov and Dec, though I did start both) and then I'm free and clear on that one.

I finished the Shiraz Sampler

I finished my Canvas Bunny

I finished the Wedding Egg from PawPrintings for some friends but haven't sent it to them (because I'm a rotten human being)

I finished "When Life Hands you Lemons" that Margaret gifted me as a housewarming thing.

I finished a round of the TW round robin. I am currently debating what to do next. I think it'll depend on how big my finished piece will be (with a little bit of finishing stitching - if it fits nicely into a pre-made frame, I'll probably just go ahead and do that instead of sending it out for another round - we'll see)

I've entered a UFO-RR with Lily Pond Dreams. It was stalled - there are no two ways about that one, and I had to do something.

And I finished Christmas Fairy Elf by Mirabilia. Started and finished this season, because hey, she was nice and small. The hand-dyes also make it easier. Mmmm, blocks of color.

In other crafty news:
I finished three blankets. One knitted for a baby (still undelivered - the blanket, not the baby), a throw (for Xmess) and another baby blanket that was donated (to the dog. Hush).
I also finished a shawl or two (for Xmess, though not given yet) and a bunch of scarves (orange & white, x2, for me and a friend; a bunch of them for work people).
Let's not forget the FSM hat or FSM Christmas Ornament.
Oh and I did knit out a nice little cap to keep my ears warm, and a scarf in camo (hunting! whee!)

Now, as for the new goals, here are two lists - one is WIPS, and one is Kits (since I don't kit, that means gifts, and I really want to progress there).


  1. Celestial Dragon (TW)
  2. Water Dragon
  3. Emerald Mermaid
  4. Phoenix
  5. Freshwater Pearls
  6. Fortunate Traveller
  7. Fantasy Sampler
  8. Egyptian Sampler
  9. Lily pond Dreams - out in the UFORR
  10. Celestial Dragon (pinn)
  11. Enchanter
  12. Monthly Minis
  13. Textile Heritage Fairytale Bookmark
  14. Luna Moth
  15. Wee Beasties RR (I need to finish my moth and do the border)
  16. TWRR (the border and do my band)

Kits I'd like to start:
  • Easter Egg Fairy Elf Whatever
  • Ouroborus
  • Angel of Morning
  • Poseidon/Neptune
  • Finish Monthly Minis
  • Finish off the RRs
  • Finish Luna Moth
  • Finish Bookmark
  • Finish at least one UFO (LPD or WD)
  • Birth sampler for my cousin's baby (upside: she's already named it, so I could conceivably get everything but the date of birth done on time, of course, that's assuming I finish with the computer design, name, etc. etc., and actually get it stitched)
  • Make some sort of dent in at least a couple of the others. I think I'm going to start a rotation for real.

The MAIN goal is: A reduction of number of outstanding WIPS.
Secondary goals:
  • Clean the craft room,
  • finish entering in patterns into database,
  • get rid of excess patterns.

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