Saturday, October 7

Idle hands do the FSM's work...

You know, I've never understood the "idle hands do the devil's work/are the devil's workshop thing" I mean, if you are so busy trying to keep your hands not-idle, then wouldn't you run the risk of doing the devil's work inadvertently? Ok, it's just me. And clearly, I'm not doing the devil's work, I'm doing FSM's.

Here's the hat created by me ( copied from this website that Melanie sent me).
I made some changes - Mainly because I absolutely suck at following instructions. I did the meatballs blind and I changed the meatball color to "Indian Red" by caron. I attempted to follow the instructions of the hat from Lion Brand that were posted, but I'm not so hot with instructions, so I just winged it, and I"m pleased with the result. Now since I don't like to take pictures of me (why so few exist) and because taking pictures of yourself is no fun, I've enlisted my favorite model, Mona. She was thrilled, let me tell you.

I love the "what next." look on Mona's face.

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