Saturday, February 11


A Happy-Hop seemed much more appropriate than a happy-dance, ya?

I finished a canvas-work hand-painted by Denise DeRusha - she has permission to reproduce works from the Childrens Art Project (which I adore).

I started this guy sometime last summer. During my stitching slump I saw these canvases at my LNS, and I loved the bunny (intended to hang in my office), and I actually officially started it at the GTG at Lana's house - or at least that weekend sometime. He even went to CATS with me in Nashville, but he stayed nekkid there, too. I have never done canvas work on my own so it took me HOURS to pick out the colors/fibres that I wanted to use, and just as much time deciding on what stitches to use.

So, let's see if I can remember what I did - Most of the canvas is done using Needle Necessities overdyed floss. I satin stitched the boxes in the border with DMC Perle Cotton, I did the outermost green with plain DMC floss (is that basketweave? I can't remember - I'm not good with remembering stitches).

The sky is done with NN, and a hungarian somethingerother stitch. The grass was done with NN in upright crosses, and I used a leaf stitch with another green NN, that I think came out swimmingly. The flowers are french-knots with metallic ribbon floss. The eyes of the bunny were done with silk (Krienik mori?) in satin stitches and the pink bits were satin stitched with some kind of DMC fuzzy floss (the grey stuff is the same floss). The bunny itself was done with cut-turkey work using a silk/merino blend that made me happy :) I love how that guy came out. Tons of work, but I couldn't have done it without a friend loaning me her copy of the black bible. For the superbowl sale at my LNS, I bought my very own copy. You would not believed how much having canned air helped me with this project. Fuzzy white stuff everywhere.

And now for jollies, I keep thinking I need a canvas Ferret. Of course, I still have to do my ferret band sampler and about 20 other ferret designs that are wardancing around my brain.

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