Monday, January 16

2006 Stitching...

So here was last year's stitching goals...

Goals for this year:
1. Monthly Rotation of JCS Ornie Mags
2. Monthly Minis
Current Rotation: (goals for 2005 finish in red, bonus in blue):
1. Celestial Dragon (TW)
2. Water Dragon
3. Fish Days (x2)
4. Emerald Mermaid
5. Phoenix
6. Freshwater Pearls
7. Fortunate Traveller
8. Fantasy Sampler
9. Egyptian Sampler
10. Lily pond Dreams
11. Celestial Dragon (pinn)
12. Enchanter

Possible Starts (pending Nashville and all the rest of that)?
Shimmering Mermaid
The Minstrel
LTD Garden
Woodland Forest Angel
Stocking for DH's Godson?
That didn't work out so well, eh? The ONLY thing I got done was Fish Days.
I stopped stitching sometime around March, I think. Oops.
So I got nothing done. I did start a few things, I did work on a couple of things Kinda sorta. I did a bit of beading and a bit of knitting, but that's about it (I totally forgot to take pictures of two HD's for Christmas - scarves I worked on).

So let's give ourselves another mind numbingly impossible goal again :) It's fun!!

Goals for this year:
1. Monthly Minis

Current Rotation: (goals for 2006 finish in green):
1. Celestial Dragon (TW)
2. Water Dragon
3. Emerald Mermaid
4. Phoenix
5. Freshwater Pearls
6. Fortunate Traveller
7. Fantasy Sampler
8. Egyptian Sampler
9. Lily pond Dreams
10. Celestial Dragon (pinn)
11. Enchanter

I need to finish:
A small Chatelaine started at a class in Houston (done before I even posted my goals!)
A canvaswork from Children's Art Project

As a potential "to do" list - it's up in the air, but here are some things yelling at me...
I'd like to clear out a bunch of projects that are hanging out... I have 12 boxes for my rotation, and I'm actually "working" on more than that, and I'd like to get actual (not just "official") WIPS down to 10. Call me wacky.
I'm also hoping to work on a couple of pieces I got as RAKs or gifts. Namely: Poseidon, and Ouroborous.

oh, and add to that list, I want to get some small Terry - Dimples designs done (they never take me long) and *FRAMED* for the dining room. Also, I have everything I need for Shiraz Sampler from Dinky Dyes. I switched the color and bought some gorgeous linen to go with it. I hope that one isn't too bad either.
Oh right... add the Fairy Roses Mirabilia, or whichever one it was that looked butterfly like...
So see? I don't expect much at all. Oh no. Definitely not much *heh* Oh right, I forgot about the TWRR.... yeah, that too (ok that I know I'll stitch - deadlines and obligations and all)

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