Tuesday, August 1

July WIPocalypse

My first WIPocalypse check in in months!  So long.

My last check in was in January and not a whole lot had happened at that point.
Since then life has been something like this:
January-February - three serious interviews
February - Job offers, one accepted ;)
March - started new job
April/May/June - new job, new place, new everything!   I didn't actually have access to most of my stitching stuff until the end of June.

As far as ACTUAL WIP progress, I did finish Bram Stoker's Dracula (more pictures and info can be found at the blog post)

My WIPocalypse count is down an additional one, because I've decided to give up on the Zelda stained glass over-one I was working on.  I was so excited to start it, but ultimately, it's not something that I think I'll get around to finishing.  Great idea, but really not me, so I ultimately chose to let it go.  It's on some nice 25 ct lugana, so I'll salvage it for another project.

I also finished Not Today, which won't count towards my "total" right now - I started it in 2017, and my WIPocalypse is only for previous languishing pieces for me.

 My goal is to finish a couple of small things -  my 2016 Biscornu, since my orts are just hanging out in a ziplock baggie, the last of the Victoria Sampler states (NC) so I can finish them into a wall hanging, and then get back to Fantasy Sampler (I think?  maybe?)  or at least something WIPocalypse-y and I'll reward myself with something else fun.

There's still so much going on with the new job and Winston and I have also been playing Diablo 3.   Since they brought Seasons to the console version, I've been having way too much fun with that.   Fall/Winter should be interesting.   Since I don't know so many people in the area (I still hang with friends in the Triangle), I have less social obligations, and I look forward to getting anti-socialed out by next Spring ;)   If I stay antisocial it'll help my stitching productivity :)

Questions I missed:

February 26 – What is your favorite stitch other than the standard cross stitch? 

Honestly?   French knots.  They're my super, super favorite and when I was a wee kiddo, my mom would let me do the french knots on her Charles Wysocki needlepoint canvases.  I've always loved them, so I'm fascinated by the fact that they cause so much consternation with so many stitchers!   They're literally the very first stitch I ever tried (before even a tent stitch).

March 26 – What stitchy blogs, groups, or flosstubes do you follow and why?

Well, this blog, I don't belong to any others, but I read them.
On Facebook, I belong to Stitch Maynia, Snarky Cross Stitching with Subversion, and various designer specific groups (Just Nan, Ink Circles, Teresa Wentzler, CloudsFactory, Chatelaine, Glendon Place), and of course, the WIPocalypse group.
I do not flosstube, nor do I watch flosstubers (I'm not "into" video).

April 30 – What projects are in your UFO pile?

None.   I consider all of my pieces very slow WIPs if anything. :D
If something is really never going to get done, I either toss it out, give it away, or salvage the fabric (like I will be with the Zelda piece).

May 28 – Which designer’s projects do you absolutely love, but are too intimidated to try?

To be honest, my first Cross Stitch was Teresa Wentzler and I've been pretty fearless since then.  I'll try anything interesting.

June 25 – Show us your stitching space! Where do you sit, and what is going on around you while you stitch (TV, audiobooks, etc)?

I usually hang out on the corner of the couch - we have a sectional - but no pictures because I'm still working on that space :)  I usually watch my partner play videogames, watch Netflix or listen to an audiobook.  I sometimes stitch in hotel rooms, too (but if I have my laptop I play older games like StarCraft more likely than not), and I'll stitch at friends' places when I am visiting if we're watching TV or otherwise mindlessly occupied.

July 30 – What are your oldest and your newest WIPs?

Oldest would be Fantasy Sampler, I started it in November of 1999.  It's almost old enough to vote.  I'm hoping to finish before it can legally buy alcohol in the entire US.
Newest would be the MillHill Sugar Skull kit that I started about a month ago :)


  1. I would love to finish some of my WIP before they are old enough to collect social security, although I probably would love the extra income. Love you projects.

    1. Haha! Thank you :)

  2. It's a shame you're not going to finish that Zelda motif, but if you're not going to finish it, better to scrap it now than some pages in. Good to have you back on the WIPocalypse train! After a busy summer (still going on), I'm very much looking forward to an antisocial winter and fall myself...

    1. Between the new job, weddings (shouldn't all of my friends be married by now?!) and conferences, I won't have a weekend home until late October. It's going to take an act of god to get me out of the house before January, I think ;)

  3. Too bad about Zelda, that's one I would like to finish some day myself and I like to see it stitched vicariously, but you have to stitch what you like. Love Dracula!! And Not Today is very cool.

    1. Yeah, I really liked it when I would see people's progress, but it just didn't speak to me enough to continue. It's a pretty big 'un to try to complete if you're not in love.


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