Wednesday, January 11


So I spent the snowy (Carolina SnowPocalypse 2017, y'all!) weekend stitching on Dracula and watching Westworld.

Shoulda been cleaning, I suppose, but I didn't.  Hah

Stitched on Sparklies's Aries

It's darker in real life, I just didn't feel like futzing with the camera/picture/settings :)

And just for fun, I was trying to make a collage of last year's works, but I was never happy with it.  I spent enough time on it that I felt like I should post it anyway!


  1. Great collage, and I love the fabric on Dracula! I can't remember that one, was it a new start?

  2. Beautiful fabric choice for Dracula, and glad you survived the Snowpocalypse. :)

  3. Nice start - love the fabric. I get sucked into the collage thing every year. Yep Snowpocalypse on Saturday and 72 on Thursday - gotta love winter in the south.

  4. Great start! The fabric is fun but I may be partial since I'm an Aries ;)


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