Sunday, January 1

WIPocalypse 2017

Good god, 2017, where does the time go?

Here are my WIPocalypse projects, only WIPs/UFOs as of December 31, 2016 count (for me) in loose order of "need to kill in 2017":
  1. Epic RR
  2. Fantasy Sampler
  3. Deco Spirits
  4. Desert Sunsets
  5. BoInk
  6. Freshwater Pearls
  7. Celestial Dragon
  8. Stained Glass Zelda  Good reasons for starting; good reasons for not continuing :)
  9. Fortunate Traveler 
  10. Enchanter 
  11. Chinese Dragon 
Here they are from oldest to youngest.
  1. Fantasy Sampler
  2. Enchanter
  3. Freshwater Pearls
  4. Celestial Dragon
  5. Fortunate Traveler
  6. Chinese Dragon
  7. BoInk
  8. Deco Spirits
  9. Epic RR
  10. Stained Glass Zelda  
  11. Desert Sunsets
Personally, I am tickled that I'm down to less than a dozen WIPs.
Goal is still to get it to 6; I could never be a One-At-A-Timer, but I do have a lot of kitted projects waiting in the wings, I'll definitely never finish all of my projects in my lifetime, though I can dream.


  1. Remembering how much you managed to finish this year, I'd say this list looks very manageable :) I'm looking forward to following you along!

    1. Thanks! And I feel good about this list, especially after finishing Egyptian Sampler :) Now I feel like I can get another TW in and keep moving along.
      When I get to Enchanter there will be a definite slowdown - that one is a BEAST! Beautiful, but wow.

  2. Good luck whittling them down! Maybe for every 2 finishes you get one new start?

    1. That's what I was thinking. I have slotted projects, a spreadsheet with 6 slots. They're all assigned, so I just need to empty a "slot" to refill it.
      They're all themed, they make me happier that way :)


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