Wednesday, October 5

WIPWednesday for Egyptian Sampler

More progress!

Next step will be to throw this in bigger qsnaps so that I can bead the whole piece, get the metallic rays of Ra in there and finish off that satin stitch/lazy daisy band.

And I need to figure out where I want to sign it.  I'd prefer to sign it within the piece, not outside of the border.  I'm thinking somewhere in that Osiris/Horus/Isis panel towards the bottom.  Yay!


  1. It looks fantastic! You're so close, this is awesome!

  2. Beautiful - I'm cheering you on for a finish!

  3. Awesome progress! I always forget that I want to sign my projects, so some are signed, some are not...most are not so far, hehe

  4. Thank's y'all! <3

  5. Thank's y'all! <3


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