Monday, September 26

Egyptian Sampler/SoloSeptember update

I've been goofing off with other hobbies, but I was out sick one day last week (or half a day, whichever).   And I got another corner finished up on Egyptian Sampler!

Here's the corner!  I did not do the lazy daisys in the satin stitch band - I will do that when I do all of the beading and metallic work (rays of Ra)

Here's a detail of the Pharaoh/King

And here's the Vulture/Nekhbet (my favorite block)

I made a mistake on the bottom band, but no one will ever see it (except someone who has also stitched on it, and in any event, it looks fine).

I'm going to work on this all day on Saturday.   I don't think I'll finish for SoloSeptember, but I've still made TONS more progress than I would have without SS.

In any event, I'm back to borderland.


  1. Your progress is amazing!!!

  2. Great progress- this looks like a really detailed project. I love the vulture square too. Your speciality stitches are so neat!

    1. Thank you! I use a really good stitching lamp and tend to railroad and fuss over them, so they take a while, but I think it's worth it in the end.

  3. Great progress...Nekhbet is looking awesome!


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