Wednesday, August 31

#WIPWednesday and Solo September!

ES update:

(I was here)

This border.  
I'm calling it the Demoralizing Border of Doom.
I notice I perked back up when it was done, but I'll have to get back to it at some point.  As someone who has stitched a lot of TW borders, I feel qualified to say that.  I just can't get a good rhythm with it.   But that corner is done, which is awesome.   I'm glad I did not plan to do just the border first or wait to do it all at the end (like I normally do).

True story, I sing
"This is the border that never ends
it just goes on and on my friends..."
when stitching on it.

I managed to get the papyrus panel & eye of Ra stitched and backstitched on one night, though, yay!

I'm going to join in Justine's Solo September, because I want some added motivation.
Justine says -
"The idea is that rather than flitting from project to project, you pledge to stitch on just one project (or two if you finish your original choice!) for the whole of the month.  It's a great way to see progress particularly on larger projects or those that you keep putting to one side for whatever reason."

I decided to join in for two reasons:
1.  Why not?
2.  I'm start to lose a little motivation on Egyptian Sampler thanks to that border and lie to myself with "oh hey, I can do this other thing and get back to ES afterwards."  I'm both so close and so far from the end of this one, and I think this will give me that little push to keep on with it.  

This photo is a great "start" picture, because it's the last day of the month and I don't stitch on Wednesdays (usually) because I hang out with coworkers most Wednesday evenings.

I will still update with WIPWednesdays, although Solo September might motivate me to share more milestones/finished motifs/sections.

In the unlikely event that I finish it in September (lots of social things this month!), I will continue with Fantasy Sampler instead of going on to the Mixed Berry Cheesecake small I was going to reward myself with.

FunFact!  ES is my current second oldest WIP (started in 2001).  FS is my oldest WIP (1999).  If I get FS done, all of my WIPs will have been born in the 21st century. .


  1. Great progress on ES. It's definitely a slog with the border, but it looks fantastic! Good luck for Solo September bringing a finish!

  2. Just saw this one! - reminded me of your Conan finish.

    1. I saw that on ye olde Facebook! I downloaded it, too, so I can maybe also turn that one into a pattern :)

  3. That's a beautiful sampler. I usually like stitching borders but it does look like a challenge. Hope Solo September helps you to make some serious progress - thank you for taking part!

    1. Thank you for hosting! I'm super excited to take part in Solo September and I think it'll definitely help me with a Happy Dance.
      I think between SoloSeptember and TWOctober, I'll get tons of TW WIP progress :)

  4. Looking forward to seeing your Solo September progress.I love your chosen design.

    1. Thank you very much!

  5. Sorry this is giving you such a hard time, but the progress is looking awesome!

  6. Lol the singing is funny. I love how this is coming along!

    1. Thanks! I still hum the next few lines, I need to come up with more :)


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