Thursday, July 21

WIPocalypse for July?

As I stared at the moon this morning, I realized it should be time for July's WIPocalypse post!

My only WIPocalypse progress since the last post was finishing the Zodiac Sampler (huzzah!)

I personally only count older/previous WIPs for my WIPocalypse, so the rest of my progress isn't worth of showing off, but I am steadily working on Ink Circles's Tapestry.

And as a bonus, since I never got around to posting it, here is what my TUSAL post should have looked like:



I added all of the kit threads from Through the Stars and the fluffy stuff on top is from Tapestry.  2016's biscornu is going to be fat!

This month's question from Measi is:

If you are not participating in the [Olympic] challenge, tell us how this year’s stitching is going for you so far, and if you’re meeting your stitching goals so far for the year.

First off, the reason I'm not participating in the Olympic challenge is that I don't have live TV, so I feel a bit disconnected from the whole Olympics thing anyway.
As for my stitching goals?  Just like always, I'm doing a fair amount of stitching, and I do think I've done a good job hitting my goals, but as always, I wish I were further ahead ;)
Taking part in the Tapestry Stitch Along with my friends is definitely pushing my WIPocalypse goals back, but I'm just as happy to be doing something with my friends.   It is giving me time to think about what I want to stitch next, which is nice, too.   I was thinking of Random-Number-Generating my rotation, but there are a couple of pieces I think I want to work on, which would be just as awesome.

And, I mentioned in an earlier post that I'd gotten rid of at least one WIP, so I guess there is that reduction.  

I just looked and I'm "down" 5 and I have what I think is a pretty realistic goal of polishing off two more.  So maybe I'm more pleased than I thought :)


  1. I have really enjoyed watching your Zodiac grow with each WIPocalypse update. Congratulation on finishing it looks wonderful!!!!!

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. I can't wait to decide how to finish it! I'm thinking of making a quilt-like wall hanging.

  2. It looks gorgeous!

  3. You can be really proud of yourself for this huge finish, and earned yourself to take a break from WIPs and focus on your lovely new tapestry project, I think :)

    1. Thank you! :) And I'd like to think I earned the new one. I can't believe how fast Tapestry is stitching up, too, or that I might have two large finishes nearly back to back! :)

  4. Still love Zodiac Sampler and I NEED some of that fabric! And I may steal your idea for orts too, really like the idea of them being biscornu stuffing. Can't wait to see more of your Tapestry next time.

    1. It's funny, because I was going back and forth on the idea of the Zodiac Mystery, but when I saw that it used the Gothic linen, I was completely sold.

      I can't remember where I read it (I should keep a spreadsheet of stolen ideas so I can properly credit it), but I loved the idea of commemorating the year with orts so much that I'm always keeping an eye out for what I think would make a great end of year biscornu or other stuffing.


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