Thursday, May 26

May WIPocalypse

Wow! I totally forgot that May's WIPocalypse was Saturday!   I was actually at my first pig pickin' and had some friends in from out of town, so I wouldn't have gotten to it sooner anyhoodle.

I missed April's Check-in (I still blame the TV Liquor Cabinet), so there will be a bit of 'slightly older' updates posted (well, from late March/April).

For one, I finished the #WWCKD:

And I've been working (on and off) on my Zodiac Mystery since then.   I did not take a picture of the whole thing, so I'll just post the sections I've finished here - the entire inner ring/solar system, Aries (April) and Taurus (May)

I'm not stitching (currently).  or doing anything else fun, really.  I have a certification exam on Friday (not tomorrow, but next), so I'm making myself do that.  I've even deactivated my FB to keep myself from wasting time there, because do you know what's more exciting the the Public Health Service, CDC, or other Federal regs?  EVERYTHING.  Especially Facebook.   I can keep myself from gaming, because turning on multiple devices is enough for me to check myself, but the siren song of social media is just too much.

Hopefully I'll have more Zodiac soon.  I'm working on Sagittarius and I've gotta knock it out so I can get to June's sign :)

April's Question: What do you listen to while stitching? (via Jo)

I'm usually watching a movie or TV show (Netflix or Amazon Prime, most likely).  Sometimes I'm watching the other half play a videogame, but not so much lately.    Every once in a while I'll be listening to an audiobook.  I listen to a lot of audiobooks, but usually at work or while driving (not so much while stitching).

May's Question: What were you stitching this time last year and have you finished it? (via Jo)

Honestly?  I was in a Very Bad PlaceTM last year, and was not stitching anything.  Glad to see that's not the case this year, though.  I was supposed to be stitching the Zodiac Mystery sampler, and I'm happy to report that at least I'm stitching on it this year.


  1. Always nice to see your excellent CK again, and nice work on Zodiac. Good luck with the certification!

    1. Thanks! I do have an absurd love for the CK piece.

  2. Good luck with your certification. Love WWCKD?!

  3. Great work. Glad to see you're stitching more this year than last. Love the Zodiac design and Kirk is very funny too.

  4. Even if I have seen all that progress already at some point, it still looks great! Good luck with your exam on Friday, I'm sure you will pass with flying colours and be back to stitching and fun stuff in now time at all ^_^


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