Tuesday, April 12

TUSAL - April!

I nearly forgot TUSAL!

And after all of that work I did for a new ort container!   I cut down a Dumante bottle - it is very, very thick and heavy, which I like, because there's nothing I'm good at so much as knocking things over.   Dumante, btw, is apparently pistachio liqueur (I took the empty from a friend)

You can see plenty of Captain Kirk in there, but the top is all Zodiac ;)


  1. Nice pile o' orts you have there. Pistachio liqueur?!?! guess they'll make booze out of almost anything. Too bad you don't have a before and after for the new ort jar. I'm curious as to what the bottle looks like.

  2. Pistachio liqueur? Interesting! Great orts!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Ort Jar! Did you Dremmel the top to smooth it down?

  4. Such creative idea! It looks like colorful algae in the sea.


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