Thursday, February 4

Winter Gaming summary!

This past weekend was a local boardgaming convention that I like to attend every year.   It's usually the same week as a big professional thing, so I end up missing one night to attend a banquet, but not this year! Huzzah!

It's also a little bit out of our usual area, and luckily a coworker is willing to walk the dogs so that we don't have to worry about driving back in the evenings, which is super nice.

This year's tally?
  • 22 - games played
  • 21 - unique games played (that's right! only one played twice!)
  • 3   - expansions
  • 9   - wins
  • 14  - new to me games (or expansions)
  • 8   - games I would consider purchasing.

Here are some of the games (I started getting sick on Saturday and started forgetting to take pictures)

Orleans - New to me, relatively new overall; I really, really liked this game

Attika - older game, tons of fun!  I lost very quickly ;)

7 Wonders Duel - I am not a fan

Roll Through the Galaxy!  I'm always up for this easy dice game.

La Granja - new to me, relatively new, and I kinda want to own it.

Trains!   Again, one that I always am up for playing

Russian Railroads - I dominated this particular playthrough.  I really like this worker placement

The Game.  It's a co-op and super hard, but still fun.

Pandemic: The Cure.   We died.  But we made it a lot tougher on ourselves than it needed to be.

El Grande!  Another oldie, but goodie.

Concordia with the Salsa expansion (which actually means "salt" not "tasty condiment"),
I really want to get this expansion.

My favorite (new) games were:
La Granja
Germain Railroads (expansion for Russian Railroads)
Concordia - Salsa expanion
Champions of Midgard (so much Ameritrashy fun!)

Our next *for sure* con is in September, though I'm kinda hoping to try to make GenCon this year; we'll see ;)


  1. Great post and thanks for the recommendations as well. I'm glad you had fun and I hope you're feeling better now.

    1. Thanks! Still working on the head cold, but at least it's just annoying now :)

  2. That's awesome :). I suck at trains but it's fun lol

    1. HAHA! I always come in last, but I have fun playing at any rate :)

  3. Sounds like you had tons of fun! I'm always impressed to see how many different board games there are :)

    1. Explaining to my coworkers/bosses what I've been up to for the past four days is always interesting. I tell them I'll be "gaming" and they thing "video/console gaming" and when I say "board gaming" they just think "Monopoly"
      And then I show them a picture of our gaming collection and they give up! LOL

  4. So I have to ask, do you watch Table Top or Critical Roll?

    1. I know *of* them, but I don't usually watch unless a friend wants me to see something they think I'll be especially interested in.


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