Thursday, October 30

Mega Mini Month Madness - Week 5

Here's my fifth (and final) weekly post for the Mini Month Challenge hosted by Pull the Other Thread,

in which I stop stressing the lack of finishes and just enjoy the progress.  There's a scarf, mittens, and a tail in there... and a belly.    He'll get done, and I will have finished these three mice.   I'm doing them as gifts for people at work (working in the lab animal industry means thinking ALL THE THINGS are cute, specially meeces and rats)

Hopefully I'll get this bugger done soon.  I'd like to stitch these guys again, only I will probably change their coat color, and definitely stitch them on evenweave so I'm a bit less cranky about the aida.

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  1. I think your meeces are adorable, great progres!

  2. Lovely meeces! We are continuing MMMM into November. Just head over to my blog before Nov 5th for sign - up.

  3. Thanks y'all!

    I was thinking of joining the MMMM for November, but I think after I finish my mouse I'll focus on my RoundRobin piece and some TWs (which aren't so mini! haha!)

  4. Great progress. You are absolutely right to just try an enjoy the stitching, don't stress about the finish.

  5. These are cute little mousies. I am glad that MMM is continuing, I might sign up another month! Maybe December?


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