Thursday, October 9

Mega Mini Month Madness - Week 2

Here's my second week post for the Mini Month Challenge hosted by Pull the Other Thread.

Sadly, it's not much.   I did not appreciate that the kit that came with the magazine had a lot of similar colors that would take me a while to sort... I think I spent more time doing that (trying to figure out the colors) and deciding how I wanted to store the orts so that I could try to match them up with DMC equivalents for future stitching.

And I totally forgot how much I hate aida.   I think I actually stitch slower on aida.  I feel like I can't feel the needle under the fabric, nor see it...  And these guys are tiny, so I'm stitching in hand.

You can actually see how stiff the aida is - the fold lines from finding center are still there!  Haha!

Enough with the kvetching - here's the wee bit I did:

(I had to start the second guy because there was too much thread left on my needle and I didn't want to rethread.

Mega Mini Month Madness - Week 1


  1. They are cute! I totally understand your dislike of aida. Once I switched going back annoys me. :(

  2. LOL! I started with linen in the 90s and only stitch aida sometimes (usually thanks to kits). I actually started a WIP on aida because it was all solid stitching and I had the hardest time working on it. We're so spoiled with the good stuff! :)

    (disclaimer: I do not think any less of stitchers who use it or pieces stitched on aida.. I just personally hate it :) )

  3. Lovely progress :) I'm ok stitching on either aida or linen /evenweave, but prefer evenweave :) I do however find that aida stitches up so much quicker, so find that it's great if I just want instant gratification and a quick finish!


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