Thursday, October 2

Mega Mini Month Madness - Week 1

I've joined another fun SAL - hosted by Pull the Other Thread - the Mini Month Challenge!

Here are the rules:

1. You must post on your mini progress once a week in the month of October. It doesn't matter what day so long as you have 5 posts by the end of the month
2. They can be any mini projects you like, no themes attached but please do keep them to mini projects, as in ornament/card sized projects
3. Those without a blog are free to join in, you can email me the pictures of your progress and I will post them on your behalf but please be aware that the 5 post rule also apply.
4. For those who join in and post their mini progress each week I will do a drawing at the start of November for a €25 voucher (or equivalent in your local currency) for an online store of your choice so long as they do e-vouchers.

The first post can be about what you are going to stitch - so I thought I would put in a shot of what I'm super excited about.   I recently ordered the World of Cross Stitch #220 because it came with CHRISTMAS MICE!!! (by Margaret Sherry).  So I definitely want to get a few of these cuties done this month for Christmas (though I am personally not a big Christmas person).   I also have some tiny Charts like the Victoria Sampler states and a couple of Just Nan bugs to do.   Edited to add - AND!  I got my Just Nan Gingerbread Jingle Mouse ! Whoohoo!

I'm going to try to post on Thursdays or so, it seems like a convenient day for updates.  I don't stitch on Thursday evenings, so I should be able to get the weekend (or whenever) in :)


  1. Oh my gosh, those mice are so cute! I might need them... :)

  2. Aren't they! I saw someone post a picture on a Facebook group and I had to go order the magazine just for them :)

  3. Those are too cute. Definitely worth ordering the magazine for.

  4. Margaret Sherry sure knows how to do cute :) Looking forward to seeing these mice come to life

  5. They are so cute!

    Most of what I've seen from Margaret Sherry has been cats (I am not a cat person), but the mice! I think I'm going to work on these on the bus ride home, too. that's easily 20 minutes/day!


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