Sunday, September 21

Miss Witchy Mouse by Just Nan

Back into stitching means back into seeing new patterns.  
Just Nan has been releasing these adorable little constructed ornament mouse pieces that are just too cute.

There have been several, and I managed to snag a Witchy Mouse for Halloween and a Gingerbread Mouse for Christmas (there's also a gingerbread jingle mouse, but they're so similar I don't need both that I've recently purchased because I'm a weak, weak woman).  There's also a Lindy Mouse that was created exclusively for the Silver Needle and Minerva's Mouse, which is the one I'd love to get a hold of (though I'd rather have just the pattern than the whole owl cloisonne kit, but see previous weak statement, I'd spend the cash!).

The one only took me a couple of days and was a lot of fun.

The instructions call for the use of a toothpick to make the broom, but my toothpicks weren't ones I thought would work well (colored and shaped oddly).  I think I'm happier with this cut down bamboo skewer.

In regular light

Under the Ott.   I should have gotten a better picture of her back - there's a spider! :)

So I'm back to my regularly scheduled rotation.
I think I like the screaming/schedule hybrid that I've adopted.  It's working out pretty well.


I emailed Nan/Just Nan - I had met her multiple times at CATS and because one of my high school buddies knew her (his sister was her god-daughter, and they lived in her house, complete with stencils and art she had painted on the wall!).   I wanted to thank her for designing these awesome mice and to say that I was happy that she was still designing after my long hiatus from the stitching community.  So many designers have either retired or just disappeared that it's nice to see a great designer still around.   She returned my email (quickly!), and mentioned there will be another gingerbread mouse!  whoohoo!


  1. Yeah there's just not the same stuff around as there was back in the heyday of the TWBB. Lots of primitive if you're into it... or very simple

  2. Yeah, and the only "complicated" pieces seem to be the artist conversions... to be honest, I don't understand stitching those quite as much.

    I miss the artistry of the "old" designers that used to be more active.


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