Wednesday, July 16

WIPocalypse - July edition.

So for S&Gs, I'm joining in the WIPocalypse stitchalong (hosted by Measi).  Most of my projects are really, really old (with the exception of the Mirabilia Fairies, Celtic Ferret Knot, and Deco Spirits, all well over 6 years old!), and I've already set up a rotation to try to reduce the number I had.  I thought joining in would keep me a little more accountable for posting stitching updates, even if I probably feel like I shouldn't :)

This month’s discussion topic is:  It’s halfway to Christmas.  Do you start your holiday stitching this early?  If so, what do you hope to accomplish this year?

I have never been huge into Christmas, though I used to make some ornaments (and collect the JCS ornament edition), but it's been a long, long time since I've worried about making pieces for other people, nevermind the holidays.   When I do stitch something with a holiday theme, I don't tend to put a deadline on when it's done.  So nothing for me!

Speaking of holiday work - my current project is still the Mirabilia Holiday Fairy - Halloween.  I worked on it a bit during the World Cup, but didn't get too far because I was enjoying a rather strong cocktail made by a friend.  I did the rest last night while watching 12 Years a Slave.

Here's my before fairy - pretty much everything in the skirt done except for the beads

And here's the after - The other edges of the wings (in Black Coffee) are done!

She's a really big fairy (you know, for a small fairy)!  I mean, all of them are approximately the same sized, but the span of her wings is sizable.    I think I'll enjoy the New Year Fairy after her, because that fairy is so tiny in comparison!


  1. You got lots done. Congrats! This fairy is so much fun.

  2. Thanks! I've done the Halloween, Valentines, Easter, and Christmas, and this one is my favorite by far!


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