Friday, July 25

Another Mirabilia update

Right now, there's nothing terribly exciting going on in life.  We have our three year inspection coming up in two weeks, and work has been a bit insane (levels for signage kind of insane).   I've been a bit antisocial because of the extra workload, and I'm super excited that we're almost in the clear.  TWO. MORE. WEEKS.

But I've seen a couple of movies, and got one color done in the wings for each movie, so huzzah progress!



Two movies... imagine how far I'll get when I eventually make it to binge-watching a TV show!

Not gonna lie - I was a little concerned with the color combos.  It looks different from the cover model, and I wasn't sure what was going on.   Working with hand/over dyes can be so tricky since what might be perfect in one batch could be radically different looking with another, but I do like it so far.

My next goal is to get that final green in the empty spots and then do the hair/skin.  I want to fill everything in before I just go to knock out the main body of the wings.  I'm hoping I have enough Dandelion, I've read that the single skein that the kit came with is sometimes not enough (though I am pretty good at floss conservation), I won't complete each stitch as I go, which will make for a stripe-ier set of wings, but should save floss and look fine, I think.

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  1. I think the wings look great so far! The color variations between dye lots can be very frustrating with the overdyes.


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