Monday, July 7

It's raining, it's pouring...

So when I wasn't out in the back yard building my ark before we were washed away (it has been raining non-stop since Thursday - I guess this means we have our yearly allotment of rain), I was stitching... wait, I lie, I only stitched a little on Friday and Sunday (read all day on Saturday, Twilight - it's not so bad, it's a teen book)...

And I know I had Kirsten's Cinderella in the Qsnaps, but I felt a little woozy and I didn't want to make some mistake that would have to be frogged on an RR piece, so I went ahead and finally finished my carpet page for BOInk.

Of course, I'm just something like three or four squares/panels behind now. Oh well, I'll get around to it eventually. Maybe.

The upside is that I'm fairly happy with the colors. At first I thought the orange was too bright, but I got over it... then I was worried about the purple (but I got over that, too). Then I thought the green was too bright. And then I thought I was being a moron, because the green is fantastic. I love the "mascara" floss I'm using as black, it's blacker than usual black (it isn't shiny, so it seems darker), and I am pretty darned happy with my gold. We'll see if that pattern holds when I start stitching some of the blocks (I have an alternate purple and gold (as in, gold colored floss vs the metallic I did use)).

At any rate - hopefully I won't be stitching any more pukers, because it's just kinda nasty.

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