Thursday, September 20

Bat, Bats, everywhere!

I finished! It took almost an entire two skeins of Crescent Colours, but I got it done! And yes, I took the picture on the diagonal. Actually I took two pictures, but the color shows up better in this one. It's some sort of melony/orangy material, and I'm very very happy with it.

I was thinking that I'd like to get this one with a specialty matte cut. Something that goes around the bats that's neither square nor diagonal, nor circle. I'm not sure what yet. I also realized that I have Bavarian Christmas wreath that need to framed. If I get enough seasonal stuff that is the same approximate size, I think I'll just use a rotating spot on the wall and hang up a seasonal something.

Or I might finish it into a flat-fold... I can't decide what I want to do, but I want to display this sucker!!!

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