Sunday, March 13

Fish Days Happy Dance!

So I did it, I finally finished Fish Days.
I hate this design, I really really do. It's perfect! It's cute!!! XY&Z will loooooooove it. Bite me. Real hard. I hated this design so bad that I did two of them. Yeah, I do have a masochistic personality, why do you ask?

I saw it in my LNS's "new releases" file and bought it. Because it is kinda cute, especially if you love fishing (or know anglers). It came out just after I caught my 12 lb bass and I thought it would be a perfect gift for the people who made that possible. And it is, and it's worth the utter pain that I went through to stitch it. But then I thought I should have one too.

But I'm not so much HAPPY dancing as I am RELIEF dancing. It's done. NEVER again.
And when you see it, you'll say WTF, Suz? That's an easy primitivish design. And I will scream, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND THE PAIN. For whatever reason that border nearly killed me. Stop laughing. I can do a TW border all day long with no troubles, but this simple border NEARLY KILLED ME.

Fish Days by Bush Mountain Design.

So here's my Relief-Dance !! (mine, because I'm selfish and pain should always be rewarded)

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